‘Brighter future for our children’

 ‘’Partnering with Habitat changed my family’s life, otherwise we would stay in dust floor and broken wall,’’ Abaye Teketel says.  Abaye, his wife Tsega and four children had been worrying about their health and safety before they moved to new  house in June 2017. ‘’If Habitat hadn’t assist us, our children would face challenges in the future,’’ Abaye explained.

While living in deteriorated house, Abaye’s family had no access to clean toilet and kitchen. Their living condition was similar to many families in Ethiopia. Seventy percent of the housing stock in Ethiopia need total replacement. Only 20% of families have access to improved sanitation facilities.

‘’Now we have our own house. It is good for children. It has clean rooms, toilet, kitchen  and free space for my children to play. It creates bright future for my children,’’ Abaye says.

Abaye’s income from daily labor is not sufficient even for the daily bread. The new house gives new hope and opens new opportunity for Abaye’s family. Abaye and his wife are now inspired to start income generating activity; to breed cheap on the open space next to the new house. The previous house did not have free space even to move freely.

Abaye says, ‘’Stressful life ends; no worries about health and safety. Now I have a vision to improve my families living condition, to make our children’s future brighter.’’

 Every support from our partners helps families start better life in new homes and healthy environment, and enhances creativity for growth.

New home to study and grow

Hawi Ejersa assists her older brother Hunde who has hearing problem. Both children live with their grand mother,Yeshi Kedir.  Both Hawi and Hunde are seventh grade students. Hawi spends much of her time assisting her brother in his education. As their parents died, they are raised by grandmother. 

YeshI and the two children moved to new home through partnership with Habitat Ethiopia. Hawi said, “ The old home had no toilet and kitchen. The house and the surrounding area was not clean, full of dust and dirt. We had no freedom to study and play in rented home, the owners restrict us to stay at home.”  

It is only about four months since they moved to the new home. “My brother and I are very happy now. We live and study in clean home, use clean toilet and have clean space to study and play,” she explained. Hawi hopes to be a doctor and help her grandmother and her brother in the future.

Each donation from our supporters opens opportunity for many children to live in stable community and attain what they aspire for.

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