Vulnerable Group Housing

Habitat Ethiopia works to improve the living conditions of Vulnerable Groups through construction of new houses, renovation of existing homes and other essential services. It also pays attention to capacity building and community organization for sustainable change.                  

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene-WASH

In partnership with our donors, we assist families to get access get to clean water and sanitation facilities for households and communities. Through promotion of personal and environmental hygiene, this intervention help improve the health and safety of families and communities.

Disaster Risk Reduction and Response

In response to the drought which affected millions of people in the country Habitat Ethiopia has launched Disaster Risk Response and Reduction Program. The program aims at assisting families who face acute shortage of water through Water, Sanitation and Hygiene-WASH projects.  Read more…

 Volunteers Engagement

In partnership with other Habitat offices, we mobilize volunteers to work alongside families, to raise awareness on Habitat’s work and create sustainable partnership. Read more…

Other Programs


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