Current and Next Projects

Addis Ababa

Urban Slum Upgrading and WASH Project

This project is designed to assist families who live in slums of Addis Ababa through addressing critical needs of housing and sanitation. It aims at making residential areas better place to live.  The activities include construction and renovation of houses, communal toilets, drainage, walkways, retaining walls and hygiene training. The target beneficiaries are vulnerable groups and low-income families suffering from lack of decent homes and proper sanitation facilities. 

 Through this project, 181 partner families and 942 individuals will have new and renovated houses with healthy living environment. With new proposal, Habitat Ethiopia is seeking additional funds to scale up this project over three years and assist 940(4,560 individuals) and 1,500 students.  

Oromiya and Southern Region

Disaster Risk Reduction and Response(DR3-WASH) Project

Habitat Ethiopia responds to the national call to assist families affected by drought. In this project, Habitat Ethiopia will provide Emergency WASH kits and undertakes construction of water facilities for families suffering from shortage of water in Oromiya and Southern Regional States. Hygienic training will be provided to raise awareness among households and community members. More than 10,000 families (50,000 individuals) will be assisted in this project through provision of safe water, and hygiene training.

Habitat Ethiopia will work with government offices, community leaders and health professionals to select target families and address their urgent needs. Habitat Ethiopia has successfully completed DR3-WASH Project which helps more than 7,500 families get access to safe water with enhanced awareness in hygiene. Experience gained from previous projects will be used to make the new project sustainable and reach more people affected by drought. More about drought in Ethiopia and Habitat’s work…

Oromiya Region

Vulnerable Group Housing and WASH Project

This is a two-year project targeting vulnerable families living in poverty housing with poor sanitation conditions in five towns of Oromiya Regional State namely: Adola, Adama, Ambo, Jimma and Shashemene. Habitat Ethiopia will partner with target families, local administrations and other stake holders for successful implementation and greater impact. The target population are vulnerable people affected by various forms of disability including leprosy, and poverty related social problems.

Through this project, construction of new house, renovation of dilapidated houses and construction of communal toilets will be carried out. Habitat Ethiopia also works to enhance the capacity of Adama and Shashemene towns administrations in waste management by providing solid waste trucks and other tools, and training of youth to engage them in solid waste management.

This project will positively impact more than 50,000 families (205,000 individuals). 

Amhara Region

Vulnerable Group Housing and WASH Project

Habitat Ethiopia will partner with target families in five towns of Amhara Regional State: Debre Markos, Bahir-Dar, Debre Berhan, Kombolcha and Dessie. The activities in the integrated vulnerable group housing and WASH project include construction of new houses, water reservoir, communal water points and installation of pipe lines.  Alongside hygiene training for community members, water management committees will be organized in Dessie town.

The project also aims at improving sanitation conditions in Debre Markos town through solid waste management, providing waste disposal tools and training of youth who engage in solid waste collection. The two-year project will benefit more than 4,590 families (18,800 individuals). 

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